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Services offered:

Music Therapy for Early

Intervention and Development

This individualized program is designed to facilitate the development and improvement of your child's Social, Emotional, Cognitive,  CommunicativeMotor, and Musical skills.

Working closely with you and, when available,with your child's therapy team and Individual Education Plan (IEP), the music therapist will develop individual goals for your child. 

Who can benefit: Children as young as 12-18 months, with Autism Spectrum, Down's syndrome, developmental delays, learning difficulties, problems with any above mentioned skills. No previous music experience required!

Setting: individual sessions and small group sessions.

Other music therapy services are available

Music Therapy for physical and cognitive habilitation/ rehabilitation 

Music Therapy with Dementia 

Palliative Music Therapy 

Music Therapy for Oncology Patients

Music Therapy for Stress Reduction

Music Therapy for Pain management

Music Therapy for self-expression and creative skills development

Counseling (including online sessions)

Counseling sessions can be on its own or in combination with music therapy (which works excellent!). I use a variety of techniques from different approaches, including CBT, person-centered approach, Comprehensive Resource Model, working with different mental health issues, including trauma-related. 


"Ever since our daughter started the music therapy with Aksana we have seen her eye contact, motor skills, oral and receptive language improve dramatically. She is so excited and motivated in the class that misses Aksana when she doesn't have a class.

From strumming the guitar to bouncing and stretching she has so much fun that doesn't realise how hard she is working and gaining strength and coordination!

As her parents we are so grateful for this opportunity to learn and have fun through music...thank you!"  

"I am a Mother of a 5 year old Bernard. 2.5 years ago I moved with my family to Bahrain, where I sent my son to a kindergarten. We soon realized how special he was. He is extremely smart and gifted in many areas; at the same time experiencing some gaps in motor skills and emotional competences. We realize that our major task is to give the best opportunities for our extraordinary, gifted child to grow according to his capabilities.

We faced a challenging situation away from our home country. After seeking a support from a developmental psychologist, we realized that the most important would be a practical help from a knowledgeable person experienced with working with young children of this kind. Fortunately we found Aksana. At this moment our story began.

Music therapy was the perfect solution. We attended the 30-minutes sessions for a year and a half at least once a week. During these sessions, my son worked on improvement of 

-relevant reactions for verbal commands

-recognition and naming of emotions

-focusing on specific tasks

-keeping body balance

-precision of fine motor skills

-different ways of movement (jumping, dancing, swinging, matching, etc.)

We are extremely impressed by the changes our boy underwent: from a kid who didn't accept music and many sounds around him to a boy who has his favorite songs, who sings and hums. He recognizes individual sounds and enjoys playing different music instruments. All of that was possible because of the person who was able to find the way to our son's heart and used her amazing knowledge, experience and personality to help him. Thank you, Aksana! You did it! We will always be grateful for all you have done, and remember you as one of the most important person in our lives".

"I am a doctor, pediatrician and a father of a 5 year old boy. My son attended music therapy sessions with Aksana for more than 1.5 years. I am of full respect to her professional skills and warm, friendly attitude towards my child. I perceive her contribution as a key factor of significant improvements my son made in areas of motor skills, body balance, emotional and behavioral control. With no doubt I would recommend Aksana to anybody who looks for trustworthy, reliable, competent and understanding therapist able to efficiently help children in achieving their best. Personally, I would like to thank Aksana for all the good my son and we as a family experienced during the whole therapeutic process".

"My daughter had the opportunity to work with Aksana since she was one year old. Aksana has worked efficiently on developing my daughter's social, cognitive, speech, fine and gross motor skills during the sessions full of fun, learning, and energy. We've learned sign language from Aksana and she was the one who noticed that my daughter had what turned to be a refractive error and needed glasses and I am thankful for that.

Aksana was more that a therapist; as a parent she encouraged and guided me when I needed and for my daughter she was a teacher, mother ad therapist for 3 years".